Apparel Label International produces the finest quality clothing labels in the world; including Woven Labels, Apparel Labels, Sew In Labels, Fabric Labels, Size Tabs, Care Labels, Content Labels, Hang Tags, Integrated Hang Tags, Size Strips, Garment Labels, Joker Tags, as well as Retail Display items such as Rack Size Dividers and Hanger Size Markers.

Apparel Label International is a world leader in clothing label production, price, and time-sensitive delivery.

Your personal, customer assistance specialist will provide you with complete answers and responsive solutions, at your request.

Our Full-Service Art and Design Department is delighted to create or modify the exact brand image and design you desire, as an added value to you.

We can produce millions of woven labels, clothing labels and hang tags per day, and deliver to your factory or other location worldwide within hours of production.

Our passion is ensuring your label buying experience is superlatively convenient, enjoyable and rewarding.

We look forward to earning your business everyday!

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